Copyright 2008

Survey, with incomplete models. ZK/U, Berlin

Survey with incomplete models was developed through a ‘mapping’ process in Moabit, Berlin. This mapping involved walking, diagrams, documenting and various modes of measurement. The project, exhibited in ZK/U, was not a literal map of the place, rather an interpretive material and spatial diagram arising from my research. Moabit is an artificial island, separated from the surounding land by canals and the river Spree but linked by twenty five bridges and a network of rail and roads. I was interested in the idea that the space of Moabit could be delineated as that which was smooth and directional, facilitating movement (rail, road, waterway), and metricated space (built and constructed). Consequently Survey with incomplete models comprised a series of spaces configured by constructions made from wooden rulers, pencils and furniture. Blue masking tape was used as a joiner in the constructions, while spaces were formed (floors and walls) by translucent plastic film supported on wooden poles with bases of cast concrete.