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Running on Pebbles: through-lines with incidents and increments
Snake Pit Gallery Auckland.

“Perhaps we still haven’t really learned what Allen Curnow called ‘the trick of standing upright here,’ and maybe that’s a good thing. Perhaps we realise, after all, it would always have been a trick, a temporary contrivance; something precarious. The exhibition ‘Running on Pebbles’ is about finding one’s way in a tilting, shifting world; of finding one’s bearings through adapting rhythmically and exactly to altered gradients and interruptions; about experiencing the world as a rain of data. It suggests different tempos for working with inversions, inventions, obstacles, diversions; for forming provisional tracks through a landscape on the move; amidst an infinity of objects, ensembles and directional variance. It is about falling, slipping, rhyming. It is about a speculative, projective improvisation that is both material and ideal. It’s about accepting the varying degrees of success and failure of attempts to find purchase in a world of erosion, grace, and intermittence.”
Allan Smith

Allan Smith

Eyecontact review of show

FAINTING COUCH (2012): couch, ropes, eyehooks, buckets, concrete, rulers and plasticine.